Friday, October 5, 2012

The Hallway to Online Fame – Youtube

Who say Hong Kong people lack creativity? The prevalence of Youtubers in Hong Kong proves one point that there are many creative Hong Kongers who can express themselves brilliantly through Youtube videos or what we call video blogs (Vblogs). They start to a form sophisticated discourse community. When compared them with myself, I find that I should work more hard to pursue my own goals. I always think there are always some lazy people in the world and I just need to work a little bit harder than them and then I can then secure myself a job.

You may say that some of them make non-sense Youtube videos. But, at least they have the courage to post a video, pursue what want to do and say what they want to express.

Some says ‘The biggest mistake one can ever make is not to make mistakes’. I totally agree to this statement. Definitely, I need to change my attitude and should work hard for myself.

Below are some examples of well-known HK Youtubers:
Ming Jai
Cooking HayHay
Lou (Mr. Lou)
司徒夾帶 (Umoviegroup)
伍公子 (Louis Ng)
窮飛龍 (Smilemiann)
薑檸樂 (Ginger Lemon Cola)
Bomba Production (Fox, Felix, Kibi…)

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