Saturday, March 5, 2011

Deadline Chaser or DEADline Chaser?

I have to be honest first, I'm always a deadline chaser.

Today, I woke up late again. Awaken, bathed, dressed up, then left home.

On the way to school, I discussed with Sharon whether I could get on the school bus on time.

I was in a hurry. I rushed from the MTR station to the bus, and it took me around 4 minutes. As you know, I have some problems with my heart and can't run fast. When I settled down on the bus, I thought it was nearly the deadline of my life, and I've succeeded in reaching it! High blood pressure, white lips, lactic acid, extremely deep breath, and serious silence...

Luckily, I've chased the correct deadline line (the time for the school bus driver to turn on the motor of the bus). Otherwise, you all would read a headline tomorrow: Uni Student Chase for the Bus to Death

Touch wood...


  1. Be careful girl~~ Life is far more important than arriving school on time!!!
    Don't let us worry about you~~~

  2. ^_^ it's okay now la! and i won't be a school bus chaser anymore lol