Friday, August 16, 2013

I Was There (Part 3)

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Her name was Claire, and we used to be childhood friends when we were kids. We would go to each other's house to play board games, we hung out but we never saw ourselves as a couple, at least we did not. Also, we went to the same primary school and secondary school, people always thought we were in love, but no, we never were. Perhaps we were too young and innocent to grasp the idea of love, and being in love; we remained two best friends for a few good years, until that day. Last year, one day in May, she did not go to school, and she never came back.

Now that we were face to face, she did not seem to be in the mood for a reunion, she got up and hastened her way out of my sight, sprinting into distant darkness. Once again, she disappeared without saying another word. All I had got was her saying my name a few moments before: "Will?" Her voice had a mix of familiarity and strangeness, which left me relieved and perplexed at the same time.

I dragged myself up with some effort. Now she was gone, and I was the one that left behind. I stepped on something, a rock perhaps, I moved away my right leg and a rock was revealed. I was going to kick it away, but then I noticed it was more than a general piece of rock.

At first sight, it had a shiny surface, like a crystal. When I examined it, held it to be exact. I could not tell what color was of the rock because it was too dark to tell. It didn't seem to matter because the rock seemed to contain wonder. The rock itself changed. First there was something swirling inside the rock, like what we would do to a coffee with a spoon, instead the thing inside the rock appeared as if it was some gas, or cloud. Second, there was a very dim white light in the very center of the now translucent rock. I was fascinated by what I was holding right in front of my eyes. Was it some kind of a toy? Or, was it magic? I wasn't sure how to explain what I was now grabbing tight in my right hand. Anyways, what else was I sure of?

Soon enough I heard another wave of running resonance, from my far right, but this time it was a group of people running. Their steps were much heavier and more intimidating than Claire's. I had a feeling that they were actually after her, because of what, I didn't know. She wasn't my top priority. What I needed to do was to get up and find a way out. 

A sudden rush of vein drives me to look at the rock I found, as if there was an alluring voice whispering to my ear, and I had no reason whatsoever to refuse his/her request. I had one good look at the rock, then I felt my body was being run over by waves of invisible tides. I was brandished by thrusts of waves and I reluctantly fell backward. I had difficulty breathing. Within seconds, I lost my consciousness...

When I regained my consciousness, I found myself lying on the ground, untouched by a drop of water. I eyed forward, and I started to notice something familiar--the door to my flat.

- End of Part 3 -

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