Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Year

It feels like a year has passed that I haven't really spent some quality time to care and nurture this little bloggie for a long while now.

I know, I know. I let myself down and let the promise fall flat and become dry like a raisin. After things got busy at school, I hadn't had time to really write to post on this blog. And, so nice and considerate of me, that I also spared (the very few of) you the time to read my sporadic disgruntle towards the assignment workload and how hard it is to write a paper, not to say it should be of some level of decent quality.

This year has been a love-hate one for me. Love it because I have made quite a few friends, I love spending time with them. We would share stories in our life, collaborate on a creative project, listen and console each other, etc. It's been great knowing them. Well, I hate it because this year has slipped away just too soon. I am not ready yet to part with this incredible year, with my awesome friends.

On the bright side, though, I get some free time finally to put my ideas down. Perhaps, I am going to start some new projects soon. But a huge collaboration is now in the works, shhh, I can't tell you more than that. I seriously have no idea when it's gonna see the light of day, but it'll be a fun one to write with my dearest "writer" buddies. (Ah, a gush of superior feeling.)

Ah Mai/阿米
Oh, and I certainly won't forget you, Ah Mai (Mai means Rice,  in Chinese). You were always on your best behavior (even better than my Water) when we came to enjoy our tea time. And that tea time is certainly the best thing on earth. I'm not sure when I will be able to sit back and relax a cup of nice lemon tea and a thick, multi-layered club sandwich, but I'm sure I'll be back whenever I am free.

I am thankful for so many things that have happened to me this year. One of them is that I got a shot at writing a sci-fi short story. Well, even though I haven't submitted the final draft yet, I can say I have doubts about it because I have to write at least 10,000 words under a month or two. And that means I have to write more and think less. I don't like that, especially I'm so new at this. My previous story with a considerable length is only of 3000 words. On finishing the first draft, I feel like there's a lot that I lack in my writing. But that's a good thing, at least I know that I can write this long and I know what I'm good at and what else I need to put on my improve-next-time checklist.

I can't wait to spend time on writing more. There are many ideas up in my stock that I have not developed yet. Also, I can't wait to get a job. This will be a whole new experience and a new page for me. I hope that I can keep this blog running, and contribute to other blogs as well. There are literally many many things I need/want to learn. On the very top of the list are languages (French and Japanese) and computer software (Photoshop and After Effects).

Here's to hope for a better and brighter future, to me, and to those who persevere to reach the end of this blog post. Until next time. :) -K

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life Journal Vol.1

I take a gap for a quarter in order to take a rest since I am tired of the ESL. It is exhausting. In these three months, I decide to write about life journal, which is going to be about my views on Arts and Music(SYMPHONIC METAL!!). It may include my trip which I am planning to visit with my family. For this volume, I would like to talk about my photos first. I am not really photography-majored student but have strong passion on it. I either emphasized the focus by playing with value or forming composition with diagonal line. Diagonal line often gives a sense of movement and tension feeling while value can somewhat help me to create the isolation or center of interest. Just do some analysis for my composition in my first journal. I personally reckon that I myself need to be concise about what I am doing in my artwork before people know my works.

Low-key value of the bird shows that it is a focus(and center of interest), while its surroundings are relatively high-key. Emphasis of isolation can be seen in this picture. The right-hand up corner of "low-key" helps to balance the value of this picture(LOW-HIGH-LOW). My message is Loneness of walking/ flying alone.

Line dominates while value subordinates in this picture. I do admit that I have used so many diagonal lines in this picture. Even the horizon is diagonal, maybe I am too stressful at that time due to that evil open examination. Progressive rhythm of value from low-key to high-key is also diagonal. Maybe I am a bit insane at that time. Unity of diagonal line.BTW, RULE OF THIRDS and ONE-POINT PERSPECTIVE. My message is to express girl's feeling and passion on her first-try alcohol but this "first-try) also indicates she is going to face the darkness of competitive society. I consider this as my best photography within my 19.

B&W. Unity of diagonal line again. Even the dignity of tree(the vertical line) has been "exaggerated" to emphasize the diagonal line. "When the foundation quivers, dignity and dependent of human destroys. They all out of control."-----my message. One of my best(yet not better than the previous one) and reminds me of a song named "Feint"<= piano version is really good.

Taken in Guam. Seems like contrast, seems like balance. Even myself, I get lose to describe value of this picture. It is blur to learn whether it is contrast or balance. But I would say it is a contrast. Use of line is noticeable to emphasize the butterfly. There is another balance in the down left-hand corner to the center. It just depicts the butterfly is playing with leaves (not playing with flowers?). Maybe it is kind of surrealism but it is a fact.

I am not very good at landscape photo-taking. Complementary color and contrast of warm and cool. No specific message and it is kind of depiction of landscape.

Atmospheric perspective and positioning. High-key and low-key color and alternating rhythm. The center of interest is brought out by the emphasis of space. Just a landscape.


Contrast of value and also contrast of warm and cool. It is diagonally progressive from warm to cool. Do you know why the center is with warm color? It is a toilet. Home-feeling and mysterious, I admire the interior architect very much when I take this picture.

Same place and it is really well-designed. It inspires me to dream of having a gothic-black-metal-themed restaurant with growling and classical singing. (A bit offtrack but it is really good)