Monday, September 30, 2013

[Day 11] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 11
Sorry for You

You choose to hang on to what you want to believe
I dare not imagine what you have become.
I feel sorry for your
Difficulty in trusting people.

Why so dubious?
You are willing to fall
to cradles of misleading information,
Embrace the man of judgmental.

Your wife would be the sensible one
Were she ever informed this matter.
Your son would cast you
an eye of disapproval.

[Day 10] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 10
Your Words No Longer Haunt Me

Your words no longer haunt me
more than the joy Ellen's videos bring me.

Words can be hard like rocks,
and piercing like spears.
But yours were--
dusts and air particles.

This shall be the proof,
of me lingering no more
on the impact (if there was)
of your impertinence.

Now I have no patience
to stay victim of yours.
I make my own

Friday, September 27, 2013

[Day 9] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 9
My Way

I am choosing a way
is my way.

You will see
my spreading seeds
of my own special kind
that's never been seen.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Day 8] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 8
Dry Quarrel

No clapping can be made
with one hand.
No quarrel can be made
with one mouth.

I must confess,
I am no good at this.
You are a master
of the Art of Quarrel.

Many a time,
I was led by your piercing questions
that were essential
to your winning.

I dodged no one bullet
from you.
I lost my voice,
and the quarrel.

We both lost.
We both lost.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Day 7] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 7
On Your Way

Walking onto this strange land,
I saw at far stood a man,
waving at me,
so I went near and see.

Thought you were a shepherd first,
but then you seemed a man of thirst.
Before you started,
I already in you trusted.

I told you everything.
You responded nothing.
Prolonged silence was your answer
to my humbly honest prayer.

You don't even know
which way to go.
I'll tell you now,
follow the way to the cow.

[Day 6] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 6
Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Wish I was Annie,
then I could write tomorrow,
instead of today.

Monday, September 23, 2013

[Day 5] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 5
"Number Withheld"

"Number Withheld"
Who is calling?
No one can tell.
The buzz's vexing.

Finally I've--
made up my mind.

I shall let it buzz,
I don't give a fuss.
Only nuts will pick up
your delusional call.

So long, farewell.
Goodbye, forever.
Unnamed sucker.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

[Day 4] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 4
Walking onto This Platform

Walking onto this platform,
I saw many brave souls.
Before the train arrived,
the sound of their conversations is the most unbearable of all.

 When thinking carts arrived,
all the souls board,
I stayed.

When the platform was occupied by
no one, but--
I burst out laughing, crying, screaming.
I am,
the genius of the silenced.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

[Day 3] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 3
Uncalled For

I really should
I really want to
hop on a plane
and see you in no time.

I've received your email,
and your friend's as well.
I know what you're planning to do--
surprise us all.

But I can't be there,
though I really wish I could.
Please believe me,
I really want to be by your side.

I am standing outside of your fence,
overseeing you and your friends
at your splendidly held
garden party.

I am not going in,
because I am not qualified.
Though you are kind enough
to have invited me.

Friday, September 20, 2013

[Day 2] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 2

My Runny Nose

O, please stop running.
That'd be embarrassing.

You're sensitive in the morning
to the passing of Miss Breeze.
You're sentimental out on the street
to the endless fighting of Mr. Summer and Mr. Winter.

When             will
you             stop
bothering             me?
When             will
you             stop
annoying             me?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Day 1] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 1

...Until the End of Time

You were my Rose,
I was your Jack,
so I thought.

I would put you on the iceberg,
and let my body fight against
the piercing coldness
the ocean had brought to me.

But that did not even
amount to your eyes,
So hauntingly beautiful,
yet so killingly icy.

When you rejected me,
pieces of my heart started to fall
under the bottom of sea
along with your deafening words.

You know what I am going to
I would endure all the heart-stopping

I would go down to the sea bed
and collect the pieces of me.
I would put them on arrows,
and shoot them through your heart (if you have one).

Now you must know how I felt,
or I will not stop 
the end of time.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Day 0] Creative Writing Project: 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Recently, I have been taking THE a Creative Writing course. The instructor told us all, basically, that geniuses are made by the effort they paid. It might take you 1000000000000 hours/times/days of practicing your craft and that of honing your skills, which can then bring you to a higher level of better writing. That's why I would like to propose (to myself) to start a chain of posts doing writing exercises, writing a poem every day, for 365 days.

Frankly, my poetry sucks is not up to par (and it doesn't mean my prose writing is any good, sigh). I need a platform to practice my craft. This blog presents itself as the ideal place to write, because that is why this blog was started in the first place (HA!). I am unwilling to abandon this blog because I started to spend less time on here writing, or even reading other wonderful posts that my wonderful blogmates have written.

For a second I thought I could maybe also write flash fiction or some very short short stories. However, I soon threw away that thought to my "mind trash". I don't wish to write too long and the reason for that is because I will easily get lost and I will have to sometimes go all the way back and read from the top of the page and start again. That doesn't mean writing poetry is a piece of cake, I never said that.

One should always start from writing in a condensed form to learn the use of language wisely. I learned that when I finally picked up the first book of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. At times I was jaw-dropped to see how gifted Tolkien was when I was reading his poems in the book. How much work must he have put into each poem.

A poem can be composed of a few lines, with or without an apparent rhyming scheme. For me, I can be more focused on revising a single draft for a few times during the day, before I finally roll it out on the blog. What I aim to achieve is, 1) Wise use of words, and, 2) Experimentation with forms.

Anyway, this could be a turning point in my writing path. As I have been talking how much I love writing stories and daydreaming about how it would look like one day when I could see my book on the shelf (I told that to a friend of mine, and she said she would definitely buy it. *feeling so warm right now*).

Side note 1: I don't know if I want to do another series of posts sharing what I experience in class, be it a difficulty encountered or a great thought triggered/provoked. I'll see if I really want to or if there's someone who is interested in creative writing and wants to know more about how it's like to be in a class of such (you know: been that, done that.).

Side note 2: Hopefully this poetry writing series will draw similar minds who would, out of curiosity, to come, not only to read a newbie's poems, but also to share theirs as well (the more the merrier).