Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life Journal : Music about Life

Talking about music, what we are always thinking of is K-pop or pop-icons such as One Directions, Taylor Swift. When it comes to soul or relaxation, people would mention Adele. Rock and Hip pop, people might come up with Muse or Eminem. But to me, I would like to mention gothic metal stuff or another special genres, that would make me think deeply about life.

For example, Lana Del Rey, a singer you know if you get in touch with billboard or some US movies soundtracks. Although her music has been criticized a lot, I reckon she is a good song-writer. She writes something about her life, her story. Most of her music videos are abstract but quite artistic, it indeed attracts audiences' eyes. "RIDE" is my favourite, melody of the song would bring you to the desert or temple or places where are holy. Listening it is like a dream , her story is beautiful.

To me, it is quite French style because it makes you enjoy music as if you are watching French movie and enjoy every shots of it. Moreover, it inspires me a lot, I have some ideas for my screenplay about values and talks between two very best friends. Also, I would like to go for a trip to antelope canyon for photo-taking after this song, it reminds me desert and antelope canyon.

Friday, August 16, 2013

熱情, 淡化

(前一篇文覺得自己寫得有點不理智, 所以我給它刪, 重新再寫過。)

有什麼東西關於「情」字,友情, 愛情, 親情, 熱情....有強烈的一天, 亦有淡化的一天。它們是濃是淡, 視乎你如何對待, 亦要看對方的態度。在我這個年紀, 基本上什麼「情」都遇上過。當中以熱情最為廣泛。在我社交圈子裡, 很多人都有對著一方面的熱情: 對偶像的熱情, 對運動的熱情, 對繪畫的熱情, 對音樂的熱情....有眾多的朋友都有他們的偶像, 喜歡的歌星演員, 我亦都有自己的偶像, 鐘愛的歌星演員。

近幾個月, 我有一個頗喜歡的演員, 欣賞他的演技。他在內地台灣頗有名氣, 但在香港認識他的人屈指可數。他頗低調, 加上不會做一些令你厭惡的事, 所以我便加入他的粉絲團。後來他的柔弱而不懂拒絕的性格, 其粉絲對於我的辱罵, 使我儼然覺得活在他粉絲團的圈子甚至繼續欣賞他, 在短期內, 是一件不可能的任務。因此我選擇當個路人粉, 明察無言。他使我沒有那麼熱衷於觀看內地的電視劇, 使我再次尊注投入於歐美媒體裡。

在那個時侯, 我在重溫去年奧運認識一位運動明星。她不能說是一個眾所周知, 但在她球類運動的論壇裡, 她很是出名。但她仍然選擇低調, 沒有公開的推特臉書或其他聯絡方法, 有關她的消息全是由第三者得知。這成為我欣賞她的其中一個原因。再者, 她享受生活, 低生活素質的性格使我覺得她是我一個學習榜樣。在場上吃著口香糖的她, 有時會很火爆,可能會因對方連續得分而說粗口, 有時會很冷靜, 跟隊友講述戰術。種種人性都給展現出來, 使我覺得她這個人很真實。雖然可能只限場上, 但至少她不會給我一種虛偽的感覺。(不過她快要退役, 她已三十二, 亦要有自己的生活。她已經說過她不會再回去打里約奧運。這是難以接受的事實但我衷心希望她日後生活愉快, 能找個好男人結婚生子!)

可能這就是命運, 命運使我知道什麼是真實, 什麼是虛假。人性最真實的一面, 在娛樂圈極少可能看見, 特別在那些當紅花旦小生(演員們); 反而球場上為自己國家出賽的運動明星表現他最真實的一面。祟拜偶像可能是件好事, 也可能是壞事。當你慢慢知道他和他粉絲的質素時, 你便知道他是否值得你去用你自己的熱情來喜歡他。

I Was There (Part 3)

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Her name was Claire, and we used to be childhood friends when we were kids. We would go to each other's house to play board games, we hung out but we never saw ourselves as a couple, at least we did not. Also, we went to the same primary school and secondary school, people always thought we were in love, but no, we never were. Perhaps we were too young and innocent to grasp the idea of love, and being in love; we remained two best friends for a few good years, until that day. Last year, one day in May, she did not go to school, and she never came back.

Now that we were face to face, she did not seem to be in the mood for a reunion, she got up and hastened her way out of my sight, sprinting into distant darkness. Once again, she disappeared without saying another word. All I had got was her saying my name a few moments before: "Will?" Her voice had a mix of familiarity and strangeness, which left me relieved and perplexed at the same time.

I dragged myself up with some effort. Now she was gone, and I was the one that left behind. I stepped on something, a rock perhaps, I moved away my right leg and a rock was revealed. I was going to kick it away, but then I noticed it was more than a general piece of rock.

At first sight, it had a shiny surface, like a crystal. When I examined it, held it to be exact. I could not tell what color was of the rock because it was too dark to tell. It didn't seem to matter because the rock seemed to contain wonder. The rock itself changed. First there was something swirling inside the rock, like what we would do to a coffee with a spoon, instead the thing inside the rock appeared as if it was some gas, or cloud. Second, there was a very dim white light in the very center of the now translucent rock. I was fascinated by what I was holding right in front of my eyes. Was it some kind of a toy? Or, was it magic? I wasn't sure how to explain what I was now grabbing tight in my right hand. Anyways, what else was I sure of?

Soon enough I heard another wave of running resonance, from my far right, but this time it was a group of people running. Their steps were much heavier and more intimidating than Claire's. I had a feeling that they were actually after her, because of what, I didn't know. She wasn't my top priority. What I needed to do was to get up and find a way out. 

A sudden rush of vein drives me to look at the rock I found, as if there was an alluring voice whispering to my ear, and I had no reason whatsoever to refuse his/her request. I had one good look at the rock, then I felt my body was being run over by waves of invisible tides. I was brandished by thrusts of waves and I reluctantly fell backward. I had difficulty breathing. Within seconds, I lost my consciousness...

When I regained my consciousness, I found myself lying on the ground, untouched by a drop of water. I eyed forward, and I started to notice something familiar--the door to my flat.

- End of Part 3 -

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Portlandia: A Constant Giggle-Invoking Comedy

(On the left) Carrie Browstein; (on the right) Fred Arminsen
To be honest, I've never watched any shows from the IFC channel and have only heard its name until I checked out Portlandia. The geniuses behind the show are Fred Arminsen and Carrie Brownstein. To me Fred (yes, I call him Fred) is a familiar face because ever since I have been watching Saturday Night Live, he's been on it (and he's been GREAT, now raise your glass--clink). Carrie is a new face to me, and she is a Portland resident. In some interviews, they told the reporters they came up the ideas by sitting outside of a coffee shop, and then just looked at passers-by, like, really observed what they were doing, who they were talking to on the phone, somehow, those people inspired them for a new sketch.

I'd say this comedy show is funny in its peculiar way: its quirkiness, geographical uniqueness, and cast.

The show features Fred and Carrie as characters throughout many stories, and these pieces of stories will make up for each episode.