Sunday, March 31, 2013

Studying Symphonic metal while revising~

This is not my very first time that I listen to symphonic metal. Yet, putting more focus on symphonic metal along with my linguistic revision on both Chinese and English as well as paying more attention on American and European bands are definitely my recent pastimes.

Without any doubt, Northern European, German and Dutch bands are really professional while making soft metal or metalcore with strings and classical musical instruments. They emphasize the coexistence of classic and popular music rather than mixture of rapping and singing, or even some systematic dancing. Their music are more susceptible, spiritual and stylish. They have their own reasons and proposes for composing, their styles are diverse though their genres are the same. Ways of singing are different in different symphonic metal bands. For instance, Dutch band Epica have both screaming vocal and mezzo-soprano and Swedish band the Murder of My Street has a clean lead vocal.

Symphonic metal is one of the gothic metal genres. Within Temptation, the Dutch band formed in 1996 and Nightwish, the Finnish band which also formed in 1996, are its originators. They both have female who is very pros at singing opera in their band. Once this new genre was introduced, there are more and more formation of bands in Europe and America, mainly in North Europe and Holland, for producing symphonic metal and even adding more varied metal genres such as power metal, speed metal, progressive metal or dumb metal.
                                                                    Nightwish Nemo

                                                              Within Temptation Angel
                                           Epica Sensorium
                                         Sirenia My Mind's Eye
Delain April Rain

As society is being diverse, symphonic metal, along with other metal genres developed in the 1980-90s brings about another metal genres, nu metal. Amercian band Evanescence and newly formed North European band Amaranthe are examples for the nu metal.

But still, I am very fond of symphonic metal, for its poetic, artistic and stylish concepts. Its emphasis on coexistence of classic and popular music impresses me a lot which reminds me of the fact that Hong Kong is a city with the coexistence of Chinese and Western culture.                                  

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