Saturday, July 12, 2014

A short Gothic story

*The underlined words are also composed by my classmates.

The scariest day of my life

P.O.V of a man who is named "Sander Poe"

  I was born in 1954. The day was my birthday. It was a rainy day. Crows unexpectedly showed up in my house. That's the beginning of the story. Every o'clock the Crows make sound. So I check the Crows by following their steps, hearing their sound, I discovered something mysterious. At that time, I heard some weird sounds. I thought it was an alien. Ah, I remember the alien, the alien is from.... But this one is kind of different from the others, it was so handsome. He was like he was bitten by somebody and he is like zombie. I changed maybe I'm zombie.

  My mind was full of depression, loss, anger and fear. What my eyes see is blue, grey, white and black. I can't see red yellow and skin colors. My nose can smell only blood and the saliva inside my mouth tastes like rotted meat. My body is not mine anymore. I was controlled. My action, my soul and a half of my consciousness are following somebody's rules. I go out crazily to eat and kill all the creature. As the more 
creatures I kill, more fear and other negative emotions I gain. My hands are tainted with more and more blood and my mind is further dominated by a thought.
  I killed almost all the animals and human beings in town. I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more meat. I went to the river nearby the town. I saw a girl with long dark black curly hair who wears a black dress with a black transparent veil. She was healing a person who suffered from my teeth by singing a song in the riverside. She sings beautifully like an angel. Within a minute, that person with scars made by my teeth dies peacefully.

  She then turns around and looks at me, with a bitter face. She looks familiar. Her light blue eyes remind me of the girl I saw in several of my dreams. Her white skin recalls my scary childhood with the white thick snow which surrounded me. She comes forwards while I'm completely shocked by her appearance.

  "Sander Poe," She said with her soft and attractive voice and touches me with her cold left hands. I then grab her left hand with my bloody hands and place it on my right cheek, to feel her coldness.

  Subconsciously, I know her name and who she is.

  "My lost Lenore." I said with a shattered tone, " my fallen angel"

   I cried like a baby.

  "Please cure my pain, please satisfy what I need." I begged her.

   She smiles and places her right hand on my left cheek. She slowly stands up like wearing high heels and she kissed me with her soft lip.

  Many things are happening in my mind in the meantime. Her lips is kind of interaction. She tells me not to let fear takes over me and kill the creature futilely. When her lip leaves my lip. I am subconsciously afraid of Lenore.

  She is a beast and I want to kill her.

  I don't know if she knows me. "Donec tenebras coram me (Please follow me to face the darkness)." She said in Latin and she sings. 

  As she sings, I feel myself start to fall asleep with the brightest light lasting in the world, with a very gentle breeze. Suddenly, there're growling voice from afar and crows craw. The ravens' red eyes stare at me. I'm scared and start to sweat. But after several seconds, what I see, hear and feel has gone. I seem to be going into other place. 

  I enter into the white scenery with a grey door. When I open the door, I see Lenore with a smiling face, I hug her with a mood filled with love and pleasant. And she places her head on my left shoulder without any fear and doubt.

  Finally, my scariest day has "gone".


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  1. Interesting story, I like that you told the story from the zombie's perspective.