Sunday, April 1, 2012

Very Short passage about loving music

Cool of the wind makes me feel loneliness and sadness. I am depressed and filled with pessimistic mood while experiencing it. Nonetheless, it is an inspiration of my artwork, which was presenting in much more optimistic way and consisting special elements, when some accompaniments of music.

I always call it (i.e. wind accompanied with music) “music wind”. My music wind changed depends on what kind of music I have listened. When I was listening to No doubt’s classic “Don’t Speak”, I would feel some kind of breezing wind blow into my eyes and nose. The wind with sadness and getting lost is totally different from the songs by Evanescence or Green Day. For Green Day, when I was listening to their songs, the wind filled with the element which has varied colors, it made me think of my past.

The midnight changed my wind, seldom. In the dark and lonely night, with the dog's roar and leaf's swipe to the ground. Classical piece was playing in my iTunes and its rhythms were delivered to my ears. It is nearly morning. And I was in a piece of green grass, under a hundred-year-old pine, sleeping and waiting for someone to have the answer I wanted, a wind with bloody beautiful. This is my imagination, must be, for the last scene of the Pride and Prejudice, while Elizabeth was taking a walk in the nearly morning, Mr.Darcy came to find her and proposed to her, and even I substituted myself into Elizabeth. But, Who is Mr.Darcy?

Few minutes later, I woke up from the classical music, which dreadfully deceived me to fall into my fancy. After that, I thought I should get some sleep and temporarily stop to interact with my wind. Somewhat ending the communication is a good start, by preventing someone deceived you with flattery words.

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