Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Couple Pranking Each Other

It's been a long time since we updated the blog. In order to make it up to you guys, I've brought something good and by good, I mean REAL good.

I came across this YouTube channel a year ago, but it wasn't until 2 days ago when I just couldn't stop watching it. My longest record was 1 hour and 45 mins non-stop watching their videos, anyone wants to beat that?

Basically, this channel is owned by a couple, Jesse is the boyfriend and Jeana is the girlfriend. Channel is called PrankvsPrank.

While I was writing this post for the blog, I looked through some photos on their Facebook page(they don't seem to have one particularly created for the channel, it was a Facebook page of Jesse), and found this photo:
From what I see at the top of this page, it was from some time in this year. From the comments I saw quite a lot of Hong Kong people who are regular subscribers of the channel (myself included).

OK. Enough talking about their channel. Here are two videos I picked:

This one is one of their regular videos in which they think of things to prank each other. All I can say is they are really good at it. You never expect they would do such things and they always brought their A game.

This is another one which is a new segment/spin-off, something quite different from what they used to do. They called it "Public Embarrassment", you can see how it works in the video below. Enjoy.

(Photos are taken from their Facebook page)

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