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Wow, it's been 5 years since this movie (i.e. SHE'S THE MAN) went to the silver screen in 2006. It was indeed a fun movie to watch even though I knew it was based on Twelfth Nights by William Shakespeare. This post is a little bit personal and might not be interesting enough to get your mind off from whatever you're doing. But, if you're just wandering around on web, and don't know how to spend your valuable time yet, you're welcome to read THIS paragraph and go.

Why are you still reading this article? Because I bold-typed the word "personal" and you want to know more about it? Actually, by "personal", I mean "boring". I can't just type boring, because if so, it'll be REALLY boring. And I thought "personal" almost has the same meaning as "boring" (at least it is, to me).

She's The Man
OK. Let me get to the point. I think this is a fun movie for teens to watch during summertime, since the plot is so familiar yet so fresh to see. I always thought it was fun to watch a girl dressed like a boy and talked like a boy and eventually fooled everyone. There must be some hilarious moments when the girl did this. And I just wanna laugh and enjoy a movie for an hour or so, that's why I watched this movie. It turned out pretty good, too. Trailer is in below:

My 1st time...
4ever (Album Version)
Besides, although not very important, is that my "first time" was stolen by this movie. To be exact, I mean my first time experience to buy an album. When I was watching the very beginning of this movie, I heard a very catchy voice singing as the movie progressed. Later I checked online to see there were 2 voices. The song was called 4ever, by The Veronicas. I couldn't stop playing over and over until...(use your imagination here) And because of this song, I found out more information about this 2-girl Australian band, their album (they only released 1 album at that time, it was called The Secret Life Of ...)

So many MVs
Back in 2006, when I searched online for more info about the song 4ever, of course I bumped into the music video as well. I wasn't shocked at all as I saw there were 2 versions for the song (1 shot for Australian distribution, and one for the US). What makes my eyes widen was that when The Veronicas gets a re-release of their album in the UK. They shot one more. 3 music videos for just 1 song. WOW. Why don't they shoot one more for the international distribution? #justsaying. I love their music and it's always nice to watch more MVs from them. If you haven't watched them, watch them now:

Australian version

US version

UK version

Personally, I prefer the the Australian version, more of a green feeling and freshly distinctive taste of a new band.

Their 2nd album was maturer and better, their 3rd album is not yet released, hope it'll be released soon, because I've been waiting to hear their voice for so long.

This is the end of my so-called 'personal' record. I hope you didn't get soooo bored and congratulations you've made to the end of this page. I promise I'll keep sharpening my writing skills and until then, please continue to support us.

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