Saturday, July 16, 2011

我的夏日熱戀完整分析+影評(Part 2)

The questions we always think after watching this movie:
1. Did Tamsin love Mona?
This question is literally hit for the viewers of My Summer Of Love----did Tamsin love Mona?
Someone says yes, someone says no. In my opinion, this is open-closed question but I personally reckon that Tamsin loved Mona but not regarded Mona as lover, just as a friend.
She helped Mona to find her ex-boyfriend and tried to punish him by visiting his wife and daughter. This showed that Tamsin cared Mona as a friend.
She lied that her sister was dead of anorexia due to she wanted to communicate with Mona easily (i.e. Mona’s mother died of cancer). This also reflected that she cared Mona.
She cried for Mona when Mona was forced to go home and being taken in the car by Phil. It conveyed that Tamsin did not want to lose her friend Mona.
She acted like being fallen in love with Phil, just because she wanted Mona not to fall in love with her and go home with Phil.
She bought an engine for Mona and that also showed that Tamsin treated Mona as a friend.
She gave Mona Sadie’s clothes for wearing and also gave her wines to drink. This conveyed that she regarded Mona as a friend.
(a) If she did not love Mona, why was she being like a lesbian with Mona?
She wanted to fulfill herself, satisfy her desires. She was got lost (That meant she had once been a lesbian but later turning back to normal person).
2. Tamsin=evil?
This is another hit question for the viewers. To me, she was not evil and she was just keen on using people in a manipulative way. She thought that life was a game.
We always see that kind of people in our working places or schools, maybe our bosses, our friends or our teachers. Even in your family, you may find that kind of people who like Tamsin. Therefore, she cannot be said as “evil”, it is too strong by using “evil” to describe her personality or even morality.
Yet, you rarely see people like Mona. I love her punishment to Tamsin, but it does not mean it is right. Yes, “life was a game” is totally wrong to our life experience.
Thinking about every scene of the movie, there are many clues reflecting that Tamsin might lie to Mona. Normal people would know Tamsin might lie to her.
(a) At the beginning of story, Tamsin left Mona in a tennis court after drinking and smoking, she did not even wake her up. Then Mona looked at Tamsin and her family through her house’s window. She found Tamsin’s clothes were changed and she was eating dinner with her parents. (That showed that she was first treated Mona as stranger)
(b) Tamsin’s knowledgeable mind killed her and reflected that she might not be a bad student at school. (check out my passage talking about Tamsin.)
(c) Tamsin said the furniture at her home would have a strange sound and told Mona do not panic. The furniture might not move by itself. And….You guys get it.
(d) At the nearly end of story, she was attracting to Mona’s brother Phil, and made Phil try to kiss her. Tamsin said Phil was too easy. (I.e. she said he was fake god.) Mona was forced to go home and Tamsin not even tried to stop it.
Normal people would suspect that but not really sure. But they would not be like Mona, totally trust and fall in love with Tamsin.
Acting skill
Natalie Press did a brilliant job for her role of Mona. But I dislike her character because Mona was too innocent. Emily Blunt, she did a good job for her role of Tamsin.
I love this movie and I always reckon that, if this movie was in 2010 theatres, it might beat out Black Swan. This is not just drama, but something which is related to psychological. Even Emily Blunt said Mona and Tamsin were playing a psychological game.
"I don't think they are lesbians," says Blunt. "They are not discovering so much as they're playing a psychological game. It's their way of connecting over disgust with men. They're pushing their own boundaries. It's a *beep* off' to the world."
My Summer Of Love is a movie which is hard for audiences to understand. But when the audiences have made up their minds, they would think that is a brilliant movie.


  1. I've watched this movie, and I think 2 girls feeling disgust for men and they are trying to have a break from the world/reality, so that they can loosen up a bit. While Mona is fully committed to this new-found friendship, the ugly truth revealed at the end of the movie can always lead to a mess (could be a disaster if Mona actually killed Tamsin.).

    Besides, I haven't watched Black Swan yet, though I don't feel like this movie can score higher than Black Swan. #justsaying

    Overall, it's a nice piece of analysis. You should write more, and review your work from time to time, then you'll learn more.

  2. Kaspar, this movie got higher marks than Black Swan in some media eyes.
    I have watched Black Swan for four times and I know what exact the story that Black Swan has.
    You should watch Black Swan, you would find that they are quite similar but hardly used the word to convey how similar they were.
    BTW, I have learned many thing through my summer of love and this deserves BAFTA best movie of year.
    After watching this movie, I totally think that Black Swan was totally not very special.

  3. Then I will watch BS asap. ;)