Thursday, June 20, 2013

Before Sunset----Contribution to life

I had not written this blog while having my article posted up nearly 4 months, not only because of my open examination, but also lack of motivation to write. All these months, I just felt that my brain was filled with emptiness and ignorance since I only focused too much on exams with Chinese TV series and European metal music. I seldom watch Western films up till finishing those nerve-wrecking ones. Therefore, I would like to apologize for writing too much Chinese as well as not posting up too long in this blog before starting to talk about what I am going to introduce today.
(without spoiler)

I would like to share one of my all-time favorites------Before Sunset(2004). I enjoy watching this film for its content about exploring what we think on matters of life such as marriage and religion, apparently the film is about how life experiences make us, or even, how world changes our mind as it becomes more diverse. Two main character---Jesse and Celine, unexpectedly meeting in Shakespeare's bookstore in France after their break-up in Vienna nine years ago. They then went to coffee shop and some other places for taking a walk and sharing their recent lives. In those conversations, both characters discussed many about their outlooks towards life after recalling from past and nowadays. Those dialogues are realistic and practical, they reflect what our lives are like in reality. And, they advise the best solutions to tackle what problem existed in our lives.

Generally speaking, I appreciate screenwriters of this movie, whom are also director and leading roles of it. Their friendships are still bond though no cooperation among them nearly 10 years. They make movies together with passion and without adding any commercial purposes(i.e. no emphasis on cinematography, visual effect, sound editing and art direction etc.). They added their thoughts on it and decided what the best for the content. It is rare that actors and director gather for writing screenplay since many movies that I ever saw always had a fixed script for actors.

Another saga of  "Before____" will be released in this September, entitled Before Midnight. I would like to go to the theatre and have a look. I have learnt a lot in the previous two, especially Before Sunset, we know about matters of life as well as realize our views towards life change as we experience more, as if Jesse and Celine.

Rate: 9.3/10(simple but meaningful)

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