Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Day 1] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 1

...Until the End of Time

You were my Rose,
I was your Jack,
so I thought.

I would put you on the iceberg,
and let my body fight against
the piercing coldness
the ocean had brought to me.

But that did not even
amount to your eyes,
So hauntingly beautiful,
yet so killingly icy.

When you rejected me,
pieces of my heart started to fall
under the bottom of sea
along with your deafening words.

You know what I am going to
I would endure all the heart-stopping

I would go down to the sea bed
and collect the pieces of me.
I would put them on arrows,
and shoot them through your heart (if you have one).

Now you must know how I felt,
or I will not stop 
the end of time.

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