Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Day 0] Creative Writing Project: 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Recently, I have been taking THE a Creative Writing course. The instructor told us all, basically, that geniuses are made by the effort they paid. It might take you 1000000000000 hours/times/days of practicing your craft and that of honing your skills, which can then bring you to a higher level of better writing. That's why I would like to propose (to myself) to start a chain of posts doing writing exercises, writing a poem every day, for 365 days.

Frankly, my poetry sucks is not up to par (and it doesn't mean my prose writing is any good, sigh). I need a platform to practice my craft. This blog presents itself as the ideal place to write, because that is why this blog was started in the first place (HA!). I am unwilling to abandon this blog because I started to spend less time on here writing, or even reading other wonderful posts that my wonderful blogmates have written.

For a second I thought I could maybe also write flash fiction or some very short short stories. However, I soon threw away that thought to my "mind trash". I don't wish to write too long and the reason for that is because I will easily get lost and I will have to sometimes go all the way back and read from the top of the page and start again. That doesn't mean writing poetry is a piece of cake, I never said that.

One should always start from writing in a condensed form to learn the use of language wisely. I learned that when I finally picked up the first book of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. At times I was jaw-dropped to see how gifted Tolkien was when I was reading his poems in the book. How much work must he have put into each poem.

A poem can be composed of a few lines, with or without an apparent rhyming scheme. For me, I can be more focused on revising a single draft for a few times during the day, before I finally roll it out on the blog. What I aim to achieve is, 1) Wise use of words, and, 2) Experimentation with forms.

Anyway, this could be a turning point in my writing path. As I have been talking how much I love writing stories and daydreaming about how it would look like one day when I could see my book on the shelf (I told that to a friend of mine, and she said she would definitely buy it. *feeling so warm right now*).

Side note 1: I don't know if I want to do another series of posts sharing what I experience in class, be it a difficulty encountered or a great thought triggered/provoked. I'll see if I really want to or if there's someone who is interested in creative writing and wants to know more about how it's like to be in a class of such (you know: been that, done that.).

Side note 2: Hopefully this poetry writing series will draw similar minds who would, out of curiosity, to come, not only to read a newbie's poems, but also to share theirs as well (the more the merrier).

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