Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reflection to the art(1)

I have been pursuing and exploring my philosophy (about frustration of life and culture)  towards the art by the time I reach the senior year in Jockey Club Ti-I College, in where I studied Visual Art for 6 years. I don't really developed the ideas in school, for the frustration of being "academically" well-prepared to the college.

The fact that "I am really tired to face my vision with my favorite music at that time"  depicts in the painting. At that time, I was really stressed and always got struck. I was all alone to prepare and face the open examination. 

After getting into the college, I admit that I had been lazy to do my work. It was not until the 3d-class that I am willing to let my spirit back to my body, and do my work, for the teacher's grading keeps reminding me of TIC teachers. I know I have to make a better quality of work. So I have made the tea set with the Jamon Ham in my project. Maybe the teapot was missing to accompany with the set, it makes the tea set incomplete. It indicates that culture can be long-lasting if it is preserved well like making and storing jamon ham.

In my project 2, another good idea but i am too ambitious to do my work and it actually leads to the failure of the craftsmanship in some parts. I like this idea about Chinese idiom-一毛不拔, illustrates somebody is unwilling to remove even a hair----indicates that somebody is self-centred and selfish. Although I am so disappointed about my project, I still insist on trying to make the craftsmanship better, because I remember what my art teacher said in secondary school: "Once you don't have time to re-do it and your artwork is crappy right before you hand in, you should attempt to find the best solution and try your best to fix it rather than abandon your artwork."
Throughout this experience, I think that being an artist or designer requires to be calm enough to tackle the problem they are facing. They need to maintain good mental health and be smart on fixing process. In fact, the fixing craftsmanship process reminds me of the artwork is not really finished. It is part of making process.

In project 3, it is more like a group project. My current teacher states that it is a combination of project 1 and 2. It is a site-specific installation art. I look forward to make  an awesome piece after watching my former school's graduation exhibition. The Quest Of Art is an exhibition, of which my former school Jockey Club Ti-I College graduating students and alumni displayed their arts in JCACC. The location is near the SCAD, where I am studying. I took a look at the exhibition after school. (I forgot to take the photos, I try to find the artworks in the exhibition on the internet)

I walk into the alumni's gallery first. Most of them have websites and participated on the TV. My favorites are Chow Kar Hoo and Kai Wai Bong.
One of the pieces in the "Heroes next door" by Chow Kar Hoo

Artworks by Ngai Tak Lung, two of which artworks catch my eyes.

When I step into the graduation class's gallery, I feel like going back home. The graduating classes have their works done well and they show the arts, which belongs to Hong Kong. Despite the different kinds of art media used, I can feel very strong sense of belonging. Their artworks show the complexity of anxiety, hopelessness, and stress. Some of them make the nice quality pieces, which have reached the level that catches the viewers' eyes. I am so proud of the students which TIC has, The exhibition shows the professionalism of the students in the art.
What I think now is: "In what ways I am proud to say "I was proud of being TI-ian"?" The best answer is: make high quality of art.

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