Monday, September 24, 2012

What real music stands for?

Society is variable, this is inevitable fact within the universe----Dominance of music would be always changed, just like people beyond Asia love Korean pop music and started to ignore those international pop music.

I love Korean pop music as hell, just like being poisoned or like being tempted by handsome guys. I talked, I traveled, I spent my time in those Korean stuff rather than those in foreign countries. It seems that I had been being drugged by those K-pop deeply in a coma, to those original and real pop music.

"Come on, Kayla. They are just all the same, why are you so into them?" My school friend from Australia said after realizing i have some crazy mind in those pop music. She is not the only one who said those things to me, my elder sister did say something similar to me likes "You got some poison gas into your mind." and "I have crashed into addictive fruits." Yet, I still listen to K-pop music.

My passion on the foreign music simply lost, nope, not my passion, is the problem in terms of myself--I was getting lost on my choice to music. What is real music?------I didn't know, I have no idea about that, until I know a band named Amaranthe.

Few days ago, I went to Hong Kong Records. I found quite noticeable CDs, "Amaranthe Special Edition" with a high cost (about$150) and so many people are in the band, 6 people. The design of the album is quite dark and evanescence-like. So I have decided that, if the songs of this album are not too sharp or out of my genre as well as they are fresh and novelty, I would buy and regard this as my treasure.

Undoubtedly, They are fresh and novelty, suit for my ears and they wake up my nervous system---the most important things, they relieve those poison gas which infected me. I find my way to my choice again.

Their songs are special, i cannot believe 3 singers in this Finnish band. Female & Male Vocal and screams(i.e. you would find screams vocal from the metal-core band like "silpknot"). They combine metal-core and pop music together, to make their own music. And that is awesome. What I think is, this may be the definition of real music. 

Real music does not depend on how well you sing or dance, but your passion, participation and your way of thinking on making music, creating a piece to make people happy, to convey your feeling, which is quite near the definition of modern visual arts. The songs, are all created by the band members. Other than this band, in the US No Doubt(GWEN STEFANI) writing "Don't Speak", Britney Spears writing "Everytime", ex-member of Evanescence Ben Moody writing "Nobody's Home" and "My Immortal" , Ne-Yo writing "Take a Bow", even Adele, from the UK, acted as a songwriter for "Rolling in the deep" and "Someone like you"---- why some of these songs become classic and prominent globally? You have to learn that there are still many bands in the US, Britain etc.

From all this, I realize that pop music should be liked those in foreign countries, rather than those in Korea. K-Pop is not bad, they are awesome, they can sing and dance well. But they lack of passion and way of thinking on music, they just do their performance well, yet most of them do less on making music. Therefore, they are all the same.

To me, to me, I consider K-Pop as "just for fun", "relieve my pressure", "for my own exitement", on the other hands, Foreign music is more than that.

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  1. I agree that some K-Pop sound similar, or the same to me, there is a certain depth lacking in those prominent K-Pop, but that could be because they were not written for that purpose. They were written to excite your mind, to make you dance, that way, the underlying message may not be important. Similar songs can be found everywhere in the world, same happens in the US music industry.

    It's a good way to introduce the world of Korea though. Now that PSY is an international sensation and signed JB's manager, I believe there'll be a 2nd and 3rd wave of Korean impact to the US music industry, which is a good thing.

    Perhaps after more people have a better understanding of Korea singers, then singers/singer-songwriters will then be getting more attention from those who are willing to dig deep.