Sunday, October 13, 2013

[Day 25] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 25
Mind Reader

I am not a mind reader, my friend.
If I were (which I am not),
I would have made a thousand friends
on Facebook.

I should make it clear
that implication is not my forte.
If I am that good at picking up traces of implication,
I should be a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

I do not pick up signals,
like a robot.
Please suit yourself with a
radar or radio.

I do not do hints.
What I do do is direct communication.

I prefer clarity.
I prefer sincerity.

I implore in advance:
Please do not expect much,
for you will end up losing all that you hope for.

It might be me,
it could be you.
It is both of us.

We are two,
and never one,
so keep that in mind.

What makes us think so differently?
The role that we are playing in the society?

I am not seeking answers.
Not from someone
who would most likely ignore them
in the first place.

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