Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[Day 27] 365 Days of Poetry Writing

Day 27
Troubling Thoughts

Every book
tells me that
the more intelligent you are,
the more troubles you'll get.

I incline to not agree.
Smart people,
especially the intelligent of them all,
should have less troubles troubling them.

They have seen more, known more, learned more, and thought more
than any of us combined.
They are able to decompose the troublest trouble,
so why would they have more trouble?

The least intelligent people would not have trouble,
or not as many as others,
since their mind have no room
for any troubling thoughts.

It is the people in between
that suffer the most.
They are capable of identifying troubles,
yet they are no near at a place that gives them power to tackle them.

This will be a problem that will live with the eternity,
as long as the human race still stands tall,
troubles will come after us all.

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