Sunday, August 4, 2013

Portlandia: A Constant Giggle-Invoking Comedy

(On the left) Carrie Browstein; (on the right) Fred Arminsen
To be honest, I've never watched any shows from the IFC channel and have only heard its name until I checked out Portlandia. The geniuses behind the show are Fred Arminsen and Carrie Brownstein. To me Fred (yes, I call him Fred) is a familiar face because ever since I have been watching Saturday Night Live, he's been on it (and he's been GREAT, now raise your glass--clink). Carrie is a new face to me, and she is a Portland resident. In some interviews, they told the reporters they came up the ideas by sitting outside of a coffee shop, and then just looked at passers-by, like, really observed what they were doing, who they were talking to on the phone, somehow, those people inspired them for a new sketch.

I'd say this comedy show is funny in its peculiar way: its quirkiness, geographical uniqueness, and cast.

The show features Fred and Carrie as characters throughout many stories, and these pieces of stories will make up for each episode. 

Women & Women First bookstore
In this Women & Women First bookstore, Fred and Carrie are owners of the store. 

Whenever there is a customer looking for a book, they become so unhelpful and discouraging with every single customer who walks into the store. Also, they always end up urging the customer to leave. So one cannot help but wonder: why then would they open the store? I.Don't.Know.

I don't why I don't know why...I don't know why, but I just love watching Fred as a female character, he (or she, shall I say) is so good at it, his voice, his eye, and his gesture totally sell it (in a comedic kind of way). So, in this sketch, we can see Fred and Carrie playing the opposite sex. Fred is the super attached (plus annoying) girlfriend while Carrie is the manly man here. Together they bring us a fresh mix of normal things that people would do in their daily lives.

The man behind Fred: Sam Adams (real mayor of Portland, actor for mayor's assistant);
The man behind Carrie: Kyle MacLachlan (actor for mayor of Portland in the show)
From an interview Fred and Carrie did on the David Letterman show, they said that most of the scenes were shot in Portland, so another perk of watching this show would be the chance to explore the scenery and inhabitants of Portland. The show also digs out various aspects of the town and make it peculiar and unique in a humorous and funny way. I was wondering if we could make a show called "Hong Kongia"? Anyone? Anyone? (Right?)

The show is a humble but huge success that some days ago I heard it was nominated for 2 Emmys this year (in the directing and writing categories). I hope it will the golden trophy home, because it's fresh, original and most of all, funny.


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