Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life Journal : Music about Life

Talking about music, what we are always thinking of is K-pop or pop-icons such as One Directions, Taylor Swift. When it comes to soul or relaxation, people would mention Adele. Rock and Hip pop, people might come up with Muse or Eminem. But to me, I would like to mention gothic metal stuff or another special genres, that would make me think deeply about life.

For example, Lana Del Rey, a singer you know if you get in touch with billboard or some US movies soundtracks. Although her music has been criticized a lot, I reckon she is a good song-writer. She writes something about her life, her story. Most of her music videos are abstract but quite artistic, it indeed attracts audiences' eyes. "RIDE" is my favourite, melody of the song would bring you to the desert or temple or places where are holy. Listening it is like a dream , her story is beautiful.

To me, it is quite French style because it makes you enjoy music as if you are watching French movie and enjoy every shots of it. Moreover, it inspires me a lot, I have some ideas for my screenplay about values and talks between two very best friends. Also, I would like to go for a trip to antelope canyon for photo-taking after this song, it reminds me desert and antelope canyon.

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  1. I am glad to know that you have some good views on musics :D