Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Dear Madam,
 In many words that I ever known, I would use "prominent" and "incredible" as the best adjectives to describe your career nowadays. You are not only a  famous actress and singer, but also being a renowned director. Your movie has topped the box office in mainland and got a satisfactory rate from IMdB. You become a role model of mine, who are going to study Film and Television.

 It has been long time ago that I first know you in the TV, I remember you always played as a leading role in the TV series when I was very little. Your one of the TV series was also one of the very first TV series that I ever seen in my early age. I saw that when I was 6 and scene of your "dad" hitting you by a horsewhip has been impressing me a lot. I cannot forget it because it seemed so real and you looked really painful, yet i have to admit, it scared me and my mom switched off the TV because of that. All in all, this was my first time to learn about who you are.

 12 years passes, I am 18 right now and preparing my life towards university. Time files, you have changed from actress to director, from single to being a mum and from degree to master. With a coincidence, I saw your movie "So Young" while watching that "horrible" TV series via the Internet again, in a recent day. Despite sleeping when watching, I personally reckon it is satisfactory for your very first movie. In my very subjective opinion, a story plot is fine but a bit boring and i cannot integrate with them, unlike You're apple in my eyes. A story seems to be torn into two parts and they are unlikely to have any connection.It is somewhat strange and uncomfortable for audience to enjoy this movie. I always think that some "commercial purposes" should be added into movie to entertain the audience, just like Giddens using playful and funny method to convey his high school's and university's life, for making the audiences laugh. Entertaining audience is very important for making movie because it is essential purpose for producing movie.For instance,Life of Pi used brilliant visual effect, awesome cinematography and impressive adapted screenplay to win the applaud from audience and movie viewers. Pulp Fiction becomes classic in movie world by its way of illustration of a story, amusing art direction and a story with dark humour. Thus, a successful movie requires to waste money and produce. That is why producers are so important to a movie.

Lastly, I am really fascinated about your roles in mainland. Directing and producing movie with just a person is difficult and I think that you have done a good job. But I personally think that it can be done better as you can. It is nice to see you to have such a prosperous career.

Yours faithfully,

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