Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A friend that I could never make but I will always miss...

I still remember the day, 2 strangers met in a chat room.

Omegle is a place where you can just be yourself and you don't even have to give out your name. The system will automatically assign you as a "stranger" to the other user. I thought it was a great idea to chat with different people around the world.

But then I found out many people, came here to ask for girls and they just wanted to have webcam sex. They kept asking me ASL instead of greeting me. Later I found out that it used almost used as an underlying question: you wanna have sex with me?

That was why, after a few times being asked ASL, I told them I was not there to have sex whatsoever. And then they just left the room.

Until there was one, who was different from others in the chat room.

A friend that I could never make but I will always miss.

The conversation below is solely based on my memory, it may not be what had happened exactly. I'm just trying my best to build it up.

Conversation is initiated, say hi to your stranger.
Stranger: asl? [a=age; s=sex; l=location]
You : I'm not here for webcam sex, if u want that, u can leave now.
Stranger: Nonono, I'm here to chat.
You: Oh...hi, i'm 19/20 [I'm not sure about that], m, Hong Kong. How about u?
Stranger: Nice to meet u. 24, m, uk [I'm not sure if he told me he lived in Liverpool]
Stranger: Hong Kong is a beautiful place.
You: Yes, you know Hong Kong? I thought it wasn't that popular among foreigners.
Stranger: I watched some Bruce Lee's movies. I knew he was from Hong Kong. Too bad he died so soon.
You: Yes, sadly. How is your country? I love uk movies, they are fantastic. I love Harry Potter.
Stranger: oh, here is not as good as u think. I recommend This is England to you. This reflects the true picture here in the uk.
You: wow, thank you so much. I'll definitely watch it.
Stranger: NP, I've got to go for work now. Nice chat with you, man.
You: (typing...) wait, I want to ask for your email.
Stranger left the room. Connection is ended.

That was the end of our conversation. I'm sure we did talk a little more about something else, but I just can't remember it. All I can say is that was a cool experience.

On the Internet, it has always been difficult to meet someone so nice and not deceitful at all. The only regret was that I couldn't ask for his email/msn so that we could stay connected. There were a few times I thought of this great chat and realized I could only imagine how good friends we could be.

If YOU (the man) are reading this article, I hope everything is fine with you. :) And...can we be friends?

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