Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Good Things: An Unexpected Thriller

Confession: I went for this movie because I like to watch Kirsten Dunst's movies, and knowing that Ryan Gosling was in this movie was a delight (watch THE NOTEBOOK, great movie!).
From the movie poster, I thought it was just a love story going into a bad end, but when I really got to watch it.

Movie poster
Movie Based On a True Story
From the very beginning of this movie, there is a caption telling the audience that this movie is based on the life of Robert Durst (Still alive). But, of course the name of the characters have been changed.
Ryan Gosling's character, David Marks (i.e. Robert Durst), is the eldest son of a wealthy New York real estate magnate.When David was still a child, he witnessed his mother jumping off the roof and died in front of him. He then has to undergo psychiatric therapy as he grows up.
One day he meets the love of his life, Katie (portrayed by Kirsten Dunst). They get married and live a happy life for a short while until one day, in 1982, Katie has disappeared ever since.
David is considered to be associated with two other deaths, one is his long-time friend Deborah Lehrman, shot to death one day. Another one, whom David admits that he did kill, is his neighbor Malvern Bump. At the end, David is not charged by any of the above-mentioned crimes/murder/disappearing case.

The Case is Re-opened
Today, Robert Durst's long-lost wife is still considered as a missing persons case. The death of Durst long-time friend Susan Berman was re-opened.
This is the most frightening thing that makes the movie so appealing. The movie has its take on how the whole thing happened and leads to a clear conclusion (at least I think there is, as an audience).
If you don't know the story behind it, and if you don't dig into it after watching this movie, it'll be a huge regret and loss. Therefore, I sincerely recommend not only this movie, but every information that inspires this movie.


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