Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It is where the stars pose and photogs take photos.
Mar. 11, 2011 marked the grand opening of the 1st ever American Eagle store in Hong Kong. At that night, a celebration party was held and singer Phil Lam came and performed. Free flow of champagne and wine were offered.

After all, it was a fun experience to go to a party like this. My friend and I had an awesome night out. Also,  my eyes were literally widen that night (coz I'd never been to any party at all). Here's what happened that night, enjoy!

This was a private party and only those who had the invitation card (it came with a VIP card that offers 20% off discount) could enter the party. How could they recognize people with invitation? We were all stamped on the skin with an eagle logo shown above (btw it glowed under fluorescent light). COOL, wasn't?
Many floral decos at front door
A look from the outside
Preparation in progress
Was gonna barge in if they kept me waiting for 1 more min =_=
We could buy these before its official launch tomorrow!
One thing I must say: there was a popcorn machine
and it was DELICIOUS!
That guy kept offering cups of popcorn... but I was too full to take one more cup.
I thought there were around 100 people...it was too CROWDED!
One thing for sure, nearly 100% of them spoke English.
I had only 2 drinks: 1 glass of champagne and white wine...
and my cheeks and ears were hot like hell.
This is the female section. Price for one tee should be 
DJ in the house! DJ in the house!
Celebrity Jennifer Tse was there too!
She was a nice person. Always smiling happily.
Nice deco
This type of casual wear looks very good on young people.
Singer Phil Lam was there to perform 3 songs.
(Check the vids below)
Guests could request a free snapshot and they would print out
the requested number of photos instantly.
Sadly, we had to wait an hour or so as opposed to what they said: "20 mins"
The staff later explained the delay was due to some error.
Anyways, the photo was worth waiting for.
This cap was given as I was leaving the party, it is worth HKD$190.
Hong Kong Limited Edition cap (available only at Hong Kong AE store)

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